Looking for All Alumni & Former Members

Looking for all Alumni and Former members of MAJN

I’m looking for all alumni and former members  of “Make A Joyful Noise” Youth Ministry!

It does not matter how long or when you were in MAJN, I am asking each of you to come and help us celebrate our 25th year in Ministry. This will be a great REUNION!

Listed below are names of people that have participated in MAJN over the past 25 years, however, there are a few that are still missing.  I am counting on you to check the list and please check it twice (some names are out of order) to see if you have the phone numbers of any of the members or their family.  I have only a few of the numbers. Please make every effort to help me contact all of the people on the list. Please send me their phone number or email, or have them call me at (919)345-LOVE(5683) or e-mail: majn94@aol.com.  Once I receive the contact information, I will send the details of all activities 

We need a head count in order to complete our plans and activities. Families are encouraged to attend. Please let me hear from you soon!

Tentative Schedule:

Friday, June 21, 2019 Meet & Greet Session (Flash Back Memories) 7-9 p.m. 

Hotel (Overnight accommodations if needed)

Saturday, June 22, Praise Presentation at Baptist Grove Church 1:00 p.m 

                             Performance by current & former members

Saturday, June 22, Evening Dinner (Time, location and cost to be announced)

Sunday, June 23, Attend Worship Service as MAJN group at 10:00 a.m -   

                            Baptist Grove Church.

Looking forward to seeing each of you!

Mrs Mac

*** You may also enter your contact information in the  "CONTACT SECTION " near the bottom of the webpage.

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  • Make  A Joyful Youth Performing Arts Outreach Ministry (MAJN) has been providing activities for youth for over twenty years. The ministry was founded in 1994 reaching more than five hundred since it's inception.        MAJN serves youth ages 5-18, through performing arts each child has an opportunity to feel valued and loved, build their self-esteem and reach their highest potential.   



January 15, 2018

State Street Community Church

MLK Day Celebration

Raleigh, NC

February 2-3, 2018

"Raise the Gate" Dance Conference

Catch the Fire Center, Durham, NC

February 24, 2018

Cary Cultural Art Center's

African American History Celebration

Cary, NC

March 17, 2018

Workshops in STEM Part 1 & THINK Part 2 

April 22, 2018

Oberlin Baptist Church

Raleigh, NC

April 28,  2018

Wilson Family Celebration

Martin Street Baptist Church

Raleigh, NC

June 16-24, 2018 

MAJN Summer Tour

August 19, 2018

Watts Chapel Baptist Church

Raleigh,  NC

September 9,  2018

Ebenezer Baptist Church 

Durham, NC

Family & Friends Day

December 8 , 2018

 Christmas Town Festival



June 2019

Watch for It!

MAJN 25th Anniversary Celebration  

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Please call (919) 345- LOVE (5683)

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